Photographer David James aka Marlborough Lights conversation with James Butters from ai insights at Milk Crate Cafe Wellington City.JPG

David James
Photography - Potent & Powerful

“I think people forget how potent and powerful getting your picture taken is. It’s a powerful medium. It can really fuck with people or it can really lift people up. As a photographer you have to be respectful of that. You have to respect your subject and the whole experience because it can be terrifying and fearful, and I think fear is just an egotistical entanglement. If you’re going to take photos of people you’ve got to be a people person. You’ve got to have sympathy. You’ve got to have empathy. You’ve got to have joy.”

(Conversation with photographer David James, aka Marlborough Lights. At Milk Crate. By James Butters. 8 July 2019.)