The evolution of
arcana imperii (ai)

arcana imperii (aka ai) is Latin for ‘the hidden power’. In 2015, arcana imperii was established with the goal to connect the fashion industry to more interested consumers, and to connect consumers to fashion in a more meaningful way. The way we approached this was to connect with people in person over a coffee and a conversation. This allowed us to get to know people individually and find out how each person connected to fashion in their own way.

From these conversations came many interesting insights which were shared with those working in the industry to help inform them. Similarly, conversations with those in the industry were shared with consumers to help inform them on different brands, who they were, and what they were doing. These coffee conversations, and sharing of information back and forth, allowed for many exciting connections to take place.

In 2019, ai has become a growing network of contacts, coffees, conversations, connections, and the continual sharing of insights and information. Originally centred solely on fashion, the insights from these conversations now encompass the fuller context in which fashion is both conceived and consumed. And they have become the embodiment of our work, our focus, and our approach.

We believe there is real power in connecting on an individual level, and we strive to embody this level of intimacy in all our work within the fashion community. Conversations are at the core of how we do it. Through conversation we engage, inform, and connect in the most powerful way.

Welcome to ai.

Insights by arcana imperii Conversation by James Butters for ai fashion.JPG

James Butters

James comes from a communications background with a BCS in PR and Interpersonal Communication. He joined the fashion industry in 2007 after being signed with KBM. He later became involved in fashion events as a show producer for shows in Auckland, Wellington, and Christchurch before establishing arcana imperii ltd in 2015.